Dr Philip Baigent


Work Cover Authorized Practitioner

S100 Prescriber Highly Specialized Drugs

Dr Baigent’s career path began with his childhood interest in the application of therapeutics derived from natural plant sources available to the indigenous population of this native country, New Zealand.  This interest in therapeutics lead him to complete a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Otago, New Zealand.  However, he quickly decided to further develop his interest in therapeutics and pharmacology by completing a degree in medicine, so that his interest could be applied more widely.

After completing his medical degree, he moved to Australia in 1995.  After spending some time in an occupational health-related practice, Dr Baigent transitioned to General Practice where he has worked in a variety of settings, giving him a wide experience in all aspects of general practice.

Dr Philip Baigent is a qualified S100 prescriber for HIV medications and has experience in all aspects of men’s sexual health and preventative medicine for men.  He has special interests and expertise in the diagnosis and management of prostate problems and prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, sexual difficulties, low libido, sexually transmitted infections and can initiate Prep (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis).  He performs thorough health checks.

Dr Baigent’s primary objective is to look beyond the patient’s presenting symptoms.  He approaches the assessment of a patient holistically, rather than focusing on just treating the patient’s symptoms.  In general, Dr Baigent’s approach is to identify individual symptoms that are perceived as unrelated but are often due to a unifying underlying cause.

Dr Baigent’s other specific interests include patient privacy and confidentiality, especially as they relate to the patient/clinician therapeutic relationship.  In the increasingly regulated environment, Dr Baigent is aware that the confidentiality of the patient-doctor interaction is sacrosanct.

Dr Baigent continues to explore new areas of medical discoveries.  He likes to keep up with innovations in medicine.

His personal interests include gardening, motorcycling and the inter-relationship between medicine and the law.