Dr Rodney Lopez

MB BS (Syd)  Grad Cert Nutri Med (RMIT)

With extensive experience in medicine at the primary care level, Dr Lopez is excited about the direction that medicine is taking.  Ground-breaking scientific findings in genomics, DNA mutations, the gut microbiome, telomeres and telomerase along with molecular pathways in nutritional science like mTOR, are providing an amazing insight into why we develop disease, why some of us age faster than others and why some of us enjoy a long healthspan where we stay healthy for a long period in our lives and yet others suffer from diseases very early on in life.

Scientific advances are moving us with great speed into the realm of personalized medicine and Dr Rodney Lopez is at the cutting-edge in terms of applying current scientific findings in nutrition and exercise  to medical problems that present in general practice.  Not dealing with problems early in the disease process will lead to early illness, short healthspans and shorter lifespans.

Dr Rodney Lopez has had extensive experience in laboratory testing and has trained at the Institute of Clinical Pathology and Medical Research (ICPMR) with laboratory technician qualifications.  With this experience, he can view blood test results in critical ways where the laboratory findings can paint a powerful picture of early disease, if these findings are interpreted well and then acted upon.

With post-graduate studies in clinical nutrition at RMIT, Dr Lopez is interested in providing a big-picture service in dietary and exercise management of the many disease states that present to a medical practitioner.  These modalities can be used in a complementary sense to all the wonderful medical treatments that are available.

In addition to all the standard medical investigations to find the root cause of illness, Dr Lopez also uses technologies such as genomic testing, DEXA, detailed dietary analysis, lipid subfraction analysis, the latest in blood pressure testing and sphygmocor assessment.  He might suggest microbiome analysis if this is appropriate and offer prebiotic/probiotic support to help treat stubborn gastrointestinal problems and augment imune system health.

This comprehensive strategy that embraces nutrition and exercise as solid foundations for medical interventions, enables Dr Lopez to look at complex clinical issues as an integrative doctor and importantly provides him with the tools to help you deal with risk factors that can often decrease both healthspan and lifespan if not treated early.