Dr Sheena Wilmot

MBBS (Hons 1 University of Sydney)

After graduating from Sydney University with first class honours, Dr Wilmot trained in general practice and paediatrics.  Her special interests are women’s and men’s health (with an emphasis on preventative health), travel medicine, skin checks for skin cancer and minor surgery on skin lesions.  She encourages all of her patients to have a thorough annual check which involves taking a medical and family history as well as a complete physical examination, followed by appropriate testing according to risk, age and findings at the time of the examination.

Since entering general practice, she has developed skills in women’s and men’s health with a special emphasis on preventative health.  She encourages all of her patients to have a thorough annual check with her.

Dr Wilmot has over 30 years of experience in general practice and joined Benchmark Medical after a long period of medical practice in Menai.  She also works two to three days a month in rural aboriginal health, assists with gynaecological surgery and is a member of the KCAT Committee which aims to improve kidney health awareness.

Outside of her passion for medicine, Dr Wilmot enjoys pursuing a balanced work/leisure lifestyle which involves family, friends, exercise, travel and time with her dog.